Meet one of BUD’s wine-men, Jussi

Soulful decadence and surprising taste delights. Already, we’ve noticed that BUD’s wine selection is bringing majorly massive smiles to our people. And as it goes, there’s a man behind it all – Jussi Jeskanen from FLASKA, a one-man wine importer blessing Finns with glorious wines from small and ambitious wine makers across Europe. Let’s meet him!

Jussi, you bring fantastic wines to Finland. Have you always been a wine lover?

Well. Farm life, forests and agriculture have always felt interesting to me. In 2010, I started scouting wines straight from the wine makers, and all of it felt instantly very natural and rewarding.

What’s your criteria for wines?

I love to work with people who think and act alike. Wine makers with unique style and open world view make wines that provoke thoughts and feelings. I love that.

Values and taste behind FLASKA?

Honesty, genuine respect and cooperation are the most important values for me. Nature brings these values to the very forefront of things, and so its easy to tell a genuine, clear and lively story behind each wine. When it comes to the taste, I like to represent unique and acknowledgeable producers.

Where have you found wine world’s biggest personalities?

From the vineyards. Interesting wines usually have interesting people behind them, aka the wine usually looks like its maker. In every country, there’s a handful of winemakers who have that something, who’s visions and products are especially meaningful and who hand-craft and create wine culture as they go – both locally and internationally. In Medana village, in the area of Goriška Brdan, lives one of the biggest ones I know.

What kind of wine makers do you respect the most?

Ordinary, honest people who know their products.

In BUD’s Mini Bar, we have several wines from FLASKA’s selection. Could you tell us a bit about these wines, what combines them?

In BUD’s selection, we have wines that are easy to drink, have unique and complex flavor, and recognizable origins and vintage. They all come from bold producers that don’t make masses of wines, and are produce their wine with respect to the nature, and without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.

Thank you, Jussi – we can only say that BUD adores!

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