Meet Fabu Pires – the artist behind Everything Vibrates exhibition

Though the summer starts to cool down, we won’t cool off! We sat down with FABUlous artist Fabu Pires and had a nice chat about life, art ‘n’ all. Have a read and find out what the artist, father & plant lover has to say!

Hello Fabu, how are you?

Great! Life’s good and I’m happy. My Small Show at BUD was a success and everything worked so well!

Yea, your exhibition Everything Vibrates brought a lot of joy to BUD. What do you think, how did your paintings look here?

I was amazed at how perfectly each painting fitted in. BUD’s unique space made my art stand out – I loved it!

We loved it too! Are you joining us for another Small Show in the future?

For sure! I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to have my exhibition here.

In your own words, what do you want to say with your art?

I’m both a painter and a collage artist. My art exhibit different themes from evolution, philosophy, or from my life and present moment. I aim to get people thinking about their own lives and paths.

What inspires you, where do you get new ideas?

Anything, really. With art, I always try to share something from my life. Everything Vibrates was born during the COVID lockdown which was a bit sad and scary season… But I wanted to turn that time into a positive experience. That’s why I got the idea about how the universe and everything here vibrates.

You’ve kept painting workshops for kids – also here at BUD. What do you teach about art?

Art is passion, feelings, and imagination. I enjoy teaching art, whether it’s for the kids, for immigrants, or at the cultural center for example. Art is limitless and it connects people. Everything starts from an empty canvas – and that can freely grow and turn into anything.

You’re an artist who skates. Does skating have something to do with your art?

Yes, there’s a strong connection between skating and creating. I started skating when I was only seven years and it will always be a big part of my life. My art gets lots of influences from the street and skating. In the end, skating is highly creative and its own kind of art too!

Cool. Skating is your thing – what else do you do or enjoy?

Well, I’m very sporty. I’m also a father and I put my family before all other things. I love plants – I’m plant-lover who studies all things about plants. Music and urban culture are close to my heart too. And food… Can’t forget that one!

Fabu 2011. What would you say to him?

Hah, tricky one… Well, it’s not easy for artists to go outside their comfort zones. I would encourage myself to do it boldly.

And how about Fabu 2031 – how are you?  

I hope that I’ve been a good father to my kids – and that they have found their paths in the world. I also wish that I’ve developed myself as an artist and taken more responsibility in cultural communities where I’m involved.

Gotta ask, what’s your fav’ flower?

Hmmm, what could it be? Visually appealing lilies come to my mind first… And hey, passion fruit has very fascinating flowers that vibrate high.

One more thing. Any plans for today?

I’m heading to paint a wall. But first I’ll get some coffee.

Thanks, Fabu!

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