Meet Petrus Anselmo Marttila – artist behind Totuuskone exhibition

Here we go: it’s time to start 2021 with a brand new & cool BUD Small Show. We sat down with artist Petrus Anselmo Marttila himself to talk all things deep – such as life, art, light energy and love. Have a read!
Hello Petrus, how ya doing?
Great! Just got back from spending eight relaxed days in the wintery Lapland. Now it’s been two days of hassling around in the even colder Helsinki, but yea, everything is now really great! I’m in love so it’s easy to just flow forward.
Cool. And generally?
It’s been a lot of changes during the past six months. My inner energies can get quite affected by the dark autumn/winter period, and now everything is also sort of stagnant due to COVID-19… I’ve noticed that if you’re not tapped into your flow, things can start to feel quite stressful. But yea, now were heading towards spring and it’s all starting to feel more light and fluid.

You’re an artist, skater and all-in-all a doer kinda guy – how do you fit it all to your days?
Haha, I see you’ve done your background research. Well, I believe in just doing your thing when it feels like that – I’ve tried to hold on to that attitude especially with painting. Skating is an art for me, too, and teaching it, and doing all kinds of other things with my hands. It’s all the same. When younger, I wanted to categorize myself, but in the end art is freedom and I’ve now put everything under that umbrella. It creates a simple world: as long as it feels good, it has to be valuable on its own right.
Your paintings are now bringing joy in the walls of BUD. What do you think, how do they look here?
Really nice! I’ve come around to BUD to see the past exhibitions and been hopeful to getting my own paintings here, too. These paintings exhibit some kind of flowery growth or so, which goes well with BUD’s flowers.
What do you want to say with your art?
Free-spirited sense of just doing it, going with it… and inspiring others to do their own thing, too. Kind of what I already spoke earlier.

Your exhibition is called Totuuskone – how did this theme start for you, and does it have an end?
I don’t see it ending. Truth is fluid and shifts according to the shifts in the environment, and also throughout life – with our own logic and emotions communicating their perceptions about it each moment. It all shifts all the time for us all.For me, this kind of worldview creates a feeling of being enough, that my doings are unique in this way. There’s no need to compare your doings to anyone else’s. Skating is also like that, everyone has their own style, kind of like dancers have. There’s no point in ranking things – it’s just a matter of opinions, anyways. If you want an absolute truth, you’d need to combine the perception of each and every sensible and feeling creature into some sort of metadata, and then somehow calculate the truth from that basis.
Where is your inspiration coming from at the moment, regarding life, painting and skating?

Nature. You won’t find much symmetry from nature and everything is imperfectly perfect. It’s diverse and we’re part of it. That’s where I get the most inspiration right now and I bet it’s a major source of inspiration for a lot of people in these times.
From Sipoo to traveling all around, where do you feel like your home is? Beside Sipoo, of course.

I’m deeply in love, and that has completely shifted my concept of home. I feel like wherever my love is, that’s where my home seems to be as well. Sounds cliché, I know, but that’s what comes to my mind at first. Anyway, I believe that I’m able to do things that give me a sense of freedom wherever I go.
Whats your fav’ flower?

Hmm, what could it be? Maybe dandelion. People don’t usually like them that much. They pollinate everywhere, and folks get their noses clogged. But I have a great backyard at my place where I grow food n’ stuff. One summer that yard was filled, I mean FILLED with dandelions. My landlord told us to get rid of them, because the neighbors were complaining. Well, I went and ate them all. None left. So, my fave is probably dandelion, beautiful – and they taste great!
What happens right after this interview?

Damn, I can’t answer to that because it’s a secret… hah!

Okay, thanks Petrus! 🙂
Totuuskone exhibition is out and running until March 4th, 2021 – come check it out!

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