Meet the creators of BUD, Anna & Huuko

About the time! We got Anna Viertiö, the owner of BUD, to sit down and share her glorious, BUD-ful visions with us all. And because every power woman needs a mad-enough sidekick, we also had a quick chat with Huuko Koski, a creative who’s been one of the core people in bringing BUD into reality.

Anna, hello! Let’s jump straight into it – how did you get the idea of BUD?

Hey there! The truth: one dark, stormy and moody November evening I got an idea that was not that carefully considered – more like a happy-go-lucky kind of a lightning. Basically, we needed more space for our advertising & branding agency BBO Creative, and my original idea was to somehow combine an abundant, beautiful flower shop with an inspiring creative space. After a quick decision, everything started flowing fast.

Anna Viertiö, the owner of BUD & power woman behind it all.

Why Punavuori?

Punavuori is definitively our place to be. We want to do our part and help in giving the whole neighbourhood a new, charming glow. My original idea was maybe a bit more down to earth, but BUD is fast becoming a kind of a local “funhouse” for art, design, wine, music and people – according to who we happen to meet along the way (already so many!).

The name “BUD” has raised a lot of interest. Tell us about it!

Ha ha. For us it resembles a kind of cool, relaxed and wonderfully easy-to-approach “hillbilly” attitude. We wanted to find a name that’s warm and unique. Of course, BUD also stands for actual flower buds, friends and a bud of something that’s on its way to bloom. That goes with our unwritten mission: we want to support the blooming of all kinds of good buds with potency – be it people, ideas or something else.

It’s already been a few months of full action. BUD up?

Well, now when I stop to look around here in BUD – this is all just truly amazing. I sort of thought that when we get BUD open, it’d be kind of ready. But I feel everything’s just about to start – and when you have a vision and then allow the universe to have its own ways alongside of you, everything usually grows into something much bigger than your original plans. BUD is a great little creative spaceship slash platform to get to know and bring together entrepreneurs, artists, designers and creatives around the Punavuori district, Helsinki, and beyond.

Any highlights?

There’s many! The flower side of BUD has gotten a nice start: we have had several gorgeous collabs and orders, such as installation at Helsinki Fest. People at the neighbourhood have also found us as their local go-to flower shop.

On the art side, we’ve already had our first of the Small Show series, an art show by photographer Timo Lemmetti. And the next on the row is JÖNSSI! by the legendary Jouko Lehtola. BUD is also a great place for intimate, local music gigs. To name a few, we’ve hosted BUD CLUB evenings with hip hop pioneer Asa, several cool dj’s and some great new bands.

Creative Huuko Koski made BUD’s design decisions together with Anna.

Huuko, hi! BUD’s interior design is exceptionally glorious and seems to inspire just about everyone stepping inside. What’s the secret?

BUD was designed to be a space for people we relate to and who inspire us – everyone who are truly themselves and do what they love. We started the design process by really digging deep and trying to understand, what kind of space would make us feel inspired and tempted.

Anna and I made the final design decisions, but we got a little help from Essi Nador and Helena Orava in the process, too. So, I feel like the secret is the symbiosis between the space, us who designed the space and the people and things that we absorbed inspiration from. In the end, it’s the people that make BUD.

Anything to add, Anna?

Before us, Uudenmaankatu 11 used to be a fur shop. In the beginning, we took everything down, revealed the gorgeous old floor and saged’ the space to let the old energies go & be free. BUD’s secret is the combination of something industrial, decadent and beautiful. When things are just a bit off, the beauty of people, art and ideas comes through in a new way. And everything’s still evolving, which I think is the best way to build concept with a lot of soul and life-force.

BUD can be rented for meetings, workshops, parties and other events. Why choose BUD?

Anna: Inspiration and creativity truly flow in spaces where you feel good and free. That’s what BUD is all about. You can rent either our Silent BUD backroom with all meeting equipment treats, or the whole of BUD, which comes with the Mini Bar. Everything’s made to be nice & smooth
Huuko: Yup. And where else can you have a kick-off meeting or a development discussion with your employees, literally surrounded by flowers? No but for real, whatever event you are organizing, BUD definitely will flourish your creativity and thinking.

Anna, you mentioned BBO Creative in the beginning. How does creative agency benefit from Flower boutique-Mini bar-Creative Space combination?

A big part of BUD’s birth story is the fact that we needed more space. At BBO, we’ve been in the same roof floor, in the same block, for decades. Through BUD, we got more space which is also in the street level. It makes connecting with new people and projects very easy and has already led to some really nice new customer projects. To have our own workshop and meeting space is a definitive everyday plus, too.

Future of BUD – where is this flowery spaceship heading?

In short: “you nice, me nice, let’s hang out.” But yea, I think we’re on the way to creating our version of Heaven on Earth – flying boldly towards the new with open jacket and heart, bringing together good people and getting inspired by them, and all kinds of bold, moving, weird, and/or beautiful collabs.

Life advice?

Anna: Be real, creative, bold – and foolish.
Huuko: I’d love to say ‘be brave’ but – and ha ha, I know this is a bit lame – life has taught me that baby-steps are usually the way to go.

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