Timo Lemmetti – How the world stands

BUD’s Small Show series showcases artists from legends to interesting new talents. First one on the line is sure to bring smiles to everyone’s faces – it’s photographer (and our creative homeboy) Timo Lemmetti and his HELLA STANCE exhibition. Let’s chat!

You’re the first artist to do a BUD Small Show; how do you feel?

Quite nice – and excited of course! BUD is a special place, and I selected some special photos to fit the space and vibe. That was its own small challenge, but I love the atmosphere in BUD. Flowers, wine and art are always a great combo.

How did you start your photo project? Are you a fan of any particular photographer or style?

I don’t have any special role models. I’m often impressed by photos that present something quite ordinary, but are also able to communicate a feeling of a deeper meaning. I’m always trying to see things from many different angles, which shows in my photography – and I do like a feeling of mystery, too. Maybe the album art from the 70’s by Storm Thorgerson is the closest thing to a style I really look up to. Minimalism itself is not the most inspiring genre, but I sure do like to rip off everything extra from my photos.

“Chocolate Factory”ProSec® Acryl mounting on aluminium composite, 60x60 cm

Your project started in Instagram, and it’s now expanding to print and more. Has Instagram affected your style?

I have photographed in this way – and other ways, too – since early 00’s, with some bumps and breaks on the way. A few years ago, I understood that Instagram has a lot more to offer than just selfies, and so I started to follow some interesting photographers. Instagram as a platform obviously does effect what I do, but e.g. the square form I often use in my photos comes from middle-sized film cameras and maybe album cover art form, too. It’s quite difficult to use negative space in a square, and I love the challenge.

Your photos share a serene, peaceful, even meditative atmosphere. What’s the craziest shooting situation you’ve had?

Usually my shootings come about during lone walks in a silent city, so that’s not too crazy. One funny thing happened in Morrocon desert, where we were driving buggies with my family. Suddenly, 3 wild dogs appeared and started chasing us. I ended up filming with one hand, directing the buggy with the other one, while also trying to take care of the child in my lap. Later on we realized the dogs were actually not wild, but just basic dogs from the nearby beach village – but I did get this shot as a memory.

“Repel” ProSec® Acryl mounting on aluminium composite, 60x60 cm

Family, work and so on. How do you fit art making to your busy life and what’s the role of it?

I have managed to fit it all together quite nicely. I usually go shooting in the evenings, when the kids are already asleep. Photographing is very important for me nowadays and I think I couldn’t really live without it anymore. I also have some other creative hobbies, such as painting and playing piano.

What feelings and values do you wish to communicate with your photos?

In this exhibition, all but two of the photos have been shot in Helsinki, and they all represent the very core principles of my style. They all have some casual, everyday, people-made element – like a building – which communicates with its environment in a somehow surprising way.

“Functional Beauty” ProSec® Acryl mounting on aluminium composite, 45x45 cm

As BBO Creative’s (the mothership of BUD) Creative Director you’re one of BUD’s heavy users. What does bud-ism mean to you?

Good times with good people, and limitless possibilities to all kinds of creative action. BUD is a great, inspiring place and concept that brings a new kind of energy to Uudenmaankatu and Helsinki in general. And btw, the next upcoming exhibition in Autumn is going to be pretty grand – stay tuned!

“Awkward” ProSec® Acryl mounting on aluminium composite, 100x100 cm

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