Everything Vibrates – Small Show by Fabu Pires

NEW SMALL SHOW OPENS 17.6. – grab ur buds and come enjoy! :tada: “Everything Vibrates by Fabu” is a new abstract painting series by Fabu Pires, consisting of eight artwork pieces.

All paintings were created during an emotional process by exploring layers of minimalistic patterns and bringing shades of colors to life. Fabu’s search for sensitivity through diverse shades and abstract patterns gives each piece its own personality and message, which then gets conveyed to the viewer.

Fabu’s paintings share a feeling of everything in the Universe moving and vibrating – everything from our thoughts and feelings to matter, energy and even Spirit being simply just different vibrations and frequencies.

Exhibition is free and lasts till 31st of July. Opening party 17.6. 4pm – 7 pm. Warm welcome!

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