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Bye Bye Bouquet Boy – Small Show by Aki-Pekka Sinikoski


Hopeless Romantic – Small Show by Piiti Blomqvist


Growing Emotions – Small Show by Björk Hijoort

17.8.- 13.9.2023

Horse Eye – Small show by Linda Linko

The Helsinki-based visual artist creates handmade pieces that are linked to momentary experiences. Linda’s exploration in the variations of mixed media have now lead into charcoal, ceramic work and the new exhibition Horse Eye.


Mimosa Sundays at BUD #3

Ice-cold Mimosas & sunny summer Sundays – that’s a match made in Mimosa heaven! Gather your friends and come around to taste @Mimosabaari ‘s deliciously slushy treats. A perfect way to enjoy weekend vibes surrounded by friends, music, flowers ‘n’ more!


Mimosa Sundays at BUD #2

Ice-cold Mimosas & sunny summer Sundays – that’s a match made in Mimosa heaven! Gather your friends and come around to taste @Mimosabaari ‘s deliciously slushy treats. A perfect way to enjoy weekend vibes surrounded by friends, music, flowers ‘n’ more!


Mimosa Sundays at BUD #1

Ice-cold Mimosas & sunny summer Sundays – that’s a match made in Mimosa heaven! Gather your friends and come around to taste @Mimosabaari ‘s deliciously slushy treats. A perfect way to enjoy weekend vibes surrounded by friends, music, flowers ‘n’ more!

21.7. - 11.8.2023

Tablescape Tales: Seasonal Edition by Kaisla Laranta

Next Small Show in BUD 21.7.-11.8. – perfect for all foodies and hedonists! Grab your buds & come experience “Tablescape tales: Seasonal edition” by Kaisla Laranta, a Barcelona-based visual artist and art therapist. Kaisla’s art expresses real-life moments that evoke emotions, portrayed through childlike, naive, and vibrant expressions. What’s not to love! 

7.7. - 20.7.2023

Art Pop-Up by Ilta-Maria at BUD

ART POP UP by Ilta-Maria brings delicious colors and art vibes to BUD 7.7.-20th July (TUE-SAT 16-19ish, free event!). Come enjoy art, fun & bubbles, while Ilta-Maria creates new artwork on the spot – with stunning older pieces available, too.

8.6. - 4.7.2023

Rose Renaissance – Small Show by Jennifer Lipkin

We’re thrilled to unveil “Rose Renaissance,” a small show by Jennifer Lipkin starting on Thursday, June 8th! Jennifer’s exhibition, an enigmatic journey into the world of roses, was born from rich symbolism, historical contexts, and the sensorial experiences that this mythical flower evokes.

27.4. - 19.5.2023

THROUGH ME – Small Show by Laura Annala

Laura Annala is back & makes us such happy buds! New stunning Small Show  ”THROUGH ME” by Laura Annala will be in BUD 27.4.-19.5. Filled with blooming flowers, bursting colors, gorgeous light and hope, Laura’s paintings call the viewers to truly celebrate all things good in life (just the way we adore).

6.4.2023, 18:00

Bouquet Workshop

Get a head start for Easter celebrations with BUD’s SPRING BOUQUET WORKSHOP Thursday 6th at 6pm! Join for fun, luv and flower power.

30.3. - 26.4.2023

WRONG THINGS – Small Show by Veera Sorri

We’re excited to present Veera Sorri, a Helsinki-based, self-taught artist. Veera’s exhibition ~WRONG~ THINGS was born in the midst of huge life changes and vulnerable emotions – all leading towards happier times and new beginnings. Feminine works combine big colors, feelings, and a nice touch of sassiness. 


BUD BINGO – Best Afterwork in Town!

BUD BINGO is here again!  Welcome 16.3. at 19 to experience this classic bar game, hosted by our very own house creatrix Päris Hilton. Grab your friends, buy a drink or two (or a bottle) and let bingo take you into the night – great prizes from booze to bouquet!  #Sliving 4ever!

09.03.2023, 18:00

Bouquet Workshop

Women’s day every day!  Gather ur grlz and friends & join us for (Almost Women’s Day) Bouquet Workshop on Thursday 9th at 18. We’ll be BUD-full of amazing flowers to make your bouquet from – and you can get some amazing sparkling, wines, beers or your fav non-alcoholic drinks from the bar to get into mood.  Book your spot and welcome!


BUD BINGO – Best Afterwork in Town!

This Thursday we’ll have our first take on the classic bar game, by our very own bingo hostess Elli Brotkin. Grab your friends, buy a drink or two (our wine selection is pretty amazing) and come over – great prizes from booze to bouquet! It’s gonna get wild, we think.


Playing with Fire – Small Show by Tero Kuitunen

Playing with fire by Tero Kuitunen presents deliciously colorful and humorous ceramic works made in New York residence. Tero Kuitunen (1986) is a designer inspired by the interface of design and art, the unprejudiced apposition of things and the exploration about the meaning of touch, humor and surprising situations.


10 YEARS OF DICK – Small Show by Fire Dick

10 YEARS OF DICK. Welcome to experience our next Small Show, which exhibits a 10-year retrospective of photographer Nick Tulinen‘s professional works.


TYTTÖYDEN SIRPALEET – Small Show by Riina Tanskanen

TYTTÖYDEN SIRPALEET – Small Show by Riina Tanskanen’s @tympeattytot 19.4.-11.5. We’re super excited for this colorful and thought-provoking exhibition exploring what girlhood and gender inequality can mean in today’s Finland.


SHELLS & SPELLS – Small Show by Laura Annala

SHELLS & SPELLS – Small Show in BUD 4.3.-5.4. Combination of strong colors and bold attitude, each of Laura Annala’s paintings has a story – but she leaves it in the air for you to discover.

08.03.2022 18:00

Women’s Day Bouquet Workshop

Women’s Day Special!  Grab your friends and join us for Wine & Flowers workshop, combining two of our fav’ things – and just massive amount of flower power.  No better way to celebrate ’em women!


RUG IT – Small Show by Niina Mantsinen

We’re extra excited to present @niina_mantsinen ’s contemporary and colourful wall rugs! Niina collaborated with legendary graffiti artists to achieve fresh and oh so cool new wave woolly look. The ideology behind Niina’s work is to reform the material and bring a new perspective to wall rugs and graffiti art.


LENTOON – Small Show by Netta Verma

We’re super excited about our new Small Show exhibiting yummy-colored, intuitive paintings by Helsinki-based artist Netta Verma. In her exhibition, she presents the cycles of life and the nature of continuous rebirths – and how it is to shed your skin and finally grow a pair of wings.


REINDEER LONGBOARDS with Various Artists – Small Show by Lauri Mörsky

EXHIBITION OPENING PARTY this THU 23.9. at 16-> ! 🎉 Welcome to our next Small Show, which is a real treat for all skateboarding luvers (and aren’t we all!). The exhibition presents 12 longboards designed by Lauri Mörsky, with spectacular artwork from various artists.



You don’t wanna miss this one! Join us on Wednesday, September 1st, for Drink & Draw Helsinki’s pop-up figure drawing event in Bud. It’s a wonderful way to start Fall ’21 with brand new creative energy (and no skills are needed).  For limited amount of drawers, so be fast!


BUD AS JÄRVI – Small Show by Janne Räisänen

BUD AS JÄRVI is a playful collection by talented Janne Räisänen. His art has inspired people around Finland as well as overseas – we couldn’t be more excited that his paintings and drawings adorn BUD’s walls too. A big thank you to Janne & Helsinki Contemporary!

Come and check out this fun and fascinating collection. ✨ The exhibition is free and lasts till the 5th of September. Welcome!

29.7. klo 16:00 >

Fabu Pires X BUD Maalausworkshop lapsille

“Everything Vibrates by Fabu” näyttelyn teema ja elementit toimivat lapsille järjestettävän workshopin inspiraationa. Työpajassa kehitetään luovuutta ja piirtotaitoja sekä tutustutaan taiteeseen leikkisin tavoin. Workshop sisältää piirtämistä, maalausta, luovuutta, eri materiaalien kokeilua, kolmiulotteisuuden rinnastusta kaksiulotteiseen sekä kuvioiden luontia. Mukaan mahtuu vain 10 osallistujaa – varaa paikka laittamalla viestiä! 🎨

P.S. Odotellessaan nuorempia, aikuiset voivat tutustua meidän superhyviin viineihin. 👀🍷

29 & 30.7

Dinner Filled With Flowers

POP-UP FLOWER DINNER! 😍 Book your spot to a flavor-bursting dinner pop-up by  Ina Niiniketo. This flowery dinner with over 10 elegant & mouth-watering servings combines delicious taste, flower beauty and surprises.

Limited capacity, so reserve your spot now 👉


Everything Vibrates – Small Show by Fabu Pires

NEW SMALL SHOW OPENS 17.6. – grab ur buds and come enjoy! “Everything Vibrates by Fabu” is a new abstract painting series by Fabu Pires, consisting of eight artwork pieces.


Oikea Länsimetro – Small Show by Olois, Henks, Judo28, Pietr & Co

Grab a friend or few and come enjoy this free exhibition with your friends, our decadent wine selection and flowers!


LOVE-kuvia – Small Show by Risto Vuorimies

LOVE-kuvia by legendary Love Records photographer Risto Vuorimies. We’re super excited to present Vuorimies’ black & white photography of Badding, Hurriganes, Wigwam, Dave, Alatalo and more. The photos are full of presence & glory of the great artists of 70s, beautifully documenting their rock ‘n’ roll lives and mystical essence. The exhibition opens March 5th and it’s free – come and enjoy while shopping some lockdown flowery treats.


Totuuskone – Small Show by Petrus Marttila

BUD welcomes y’all to our new exciting art exhibition by artist & all-in-all goodfella Petrus Anselmo Marttila. Totuuskone -exhibition revolves around the subjective and unpredictable nature of truth. The paintings share a fiercely personal spirit and take you to the glorious detail-rich deep dives. Come and check out the exhibition with your bud-dies, best enjoyed with a glass or two of our celebrated wines.


666 – Small Show by Nick Tulinen

Welcome to celebrate our new, superb exhibition 666 by normcore alchemist, artist and photographer Nick Tulinen. This photo experience shows a one-man’s personal epoch – from violent bursts of anger, anxious ADHD thoughts and dopamine rushes into something extremely visual, fruitful and powerful. See you on Friday for art, friends & sparkling!


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