Horse Eye – Small show by Linda Linko

The Helsinki-based visual artist creates handmade pieces that are linked to momentary experiences. Linda’s exploration in the variations of mixed media have now lead into charcoal, ceramic work and the new exhibition Horse Eye.

“Horse Eye is a potrayal of aging of some kind. I consider time as coincidental and overlapping, rather than a clear linear path. Maybe it shows in my artwork.

Initially my intention was to paint something else, but the interest in charcoal took over. I became fascinated by the line it creates. It just happened, I painted by drawing. After all, I am a drawer.

Perhaps these lines are the bones and the structure for my future artworks. The eyes, the feet, the wings. Also included: skull, horse, hipbone, flowers, hourglass sand, and a pelican out of nowhere.

Things happen happen happen, until they don’t happen anymore.”

The ceramic work is a part of an ongoing collaboration project of sisters Jenni Nyberg & Linda Linko.

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