REINDEER LONGBOARDS with Various Artists – Small Show by Lauri Mörsky

EXHIBITION OPENING PARTY this THU 23.9. at 16-> ! 🎉 Welcome to our next Small Show, which is a real treat for all skateboarding luvers (and aren’t we all!). The exhibition presents longboards designed by Lauri Mörsky, with spectacular artwork from various artists. Lauri has made stunning woodwork and design for more than 20 years and is actively involved in the skateboarding scene. Exhibition theme is birch and stone – and so all the longboards have been made of birch with Lauri’s own design and free hands for the artists to finalize them into true pieces of art.

The exhibition is open in Bud 23.9.-26.10. and it’s free – so grab a friend and come around for a drink or two to enjoy this gem! 🍾🥰

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