Growing Emotions – Small Show by Björk Hijoort

New Small Show “Growing emotions” by Björk Hijoort in BUD 12.10.-8.11.! We’re super excited to present a series of Hijoort’s newly created works – specially made to embrace BUD’s floral world, intersected with a few pieces from Björk Hijoort’s upcoming collection “The world is burning, so are the desires of mankind”.

“Growing emotions was made with the aim to reminds us that emotions are not static; they evolve, they grow, they transform. The vases become the vessels of our inner worlds shaped by the emotions they hold. It’s an invitation to reflect upon the complexities of the human experience and the challenges and opportunities presented by our simultaneous existence in both physical and virtual landscapes.

It dwells in the topic of self-awareness, seen from the perspective of something being both a gift and a burden. It gives us the precious ability to introspect, understand our motives, and navigate life with purpose. Yet, this awareness can also be a burden, as it exposes our flaws, insecurities, and the weight of responsibility for our choices. It’s a delicate balance, the duality of self-awareness, where the path to growth is often paved with the stones of self-doubt and introspective infernos.

It’s a humorous depiction of despair and embarrassment sprinkled with millennial infused meme culture, the triumph of a great thirst trap, the pathetic feeling of being left on read and the power and grace of female rage.”
– Björk Hijoort

Growing emotions by Björk Hijoort

BUD 12.10.-8.11.2023

Tue-Sat 12-19

Exhibition is FREE



Björk Hijoort (she/they) is a Swedish Greek visual artist with painting as her main medium of artistic expression. She specializes in large scale artworks and creative concepts. Her visual language is playful, colourful, and characteristic, depicting human like-animal figures in various entanglements with their imaginary environments. Her art’s reoccurring themes and symbols are often exploring life’s big questions, daydreams, individuality, and desires.

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