Flowers of the Zodiac – Floral Portals for Astrological Seasons Part 2

Leo Season

Leo season July 22nd – Aug 22rd
Fire sign

Main character energy roars within

Leo season is an invitation to shimmy shimmy ya on to that dance floor and be loud, more ridiculous, and to stop giving a f**k (for the lack of better wording). After all, Leo is ruled by the sun, the planet that literally gives us life. Harness that star quality, it’s time to shine and follow those burning passions mercilessly.

THE OBJECTS OF RITUAL – FLOWERS bright blooms, yellow, orange, round like the sun.  HERBS saffron, frankincense, St john’s wort, FOODS citrus, ginger, sour and sweet fruits. MINERALS gold, ruby, citrine. Adorn altars with gold cloth.

Virgo Season

Virgo season – Aug 23rd Sept 22rd
Earth sign

Welcome to Virgo season: Time to get our S**T together 

This season brings us down to earth. Our energy is honed in practicality, routine and self improvement. This is the month for working hard and making better food choices. Lay them ground rules and get that butt into the gym. As you move through Virgo vibes this month, remember it’s a great month to lay out manifests on our inherent love of excellence in all strivings. 

THE OBJECTS OF RITUAL – FLOWERS Lily, orchid & narcissus HERBS rosemary FOOD cabbage, wheat, hazelnut & walnut MINERALS topaz, silver & citrine.

Libra Season

Libra season – 23th Sept – Oct 23 rd
Air sign

The Libra season is here to help us buddy up

Be the mediator, people pleaser and relationshipmaster – it’s time to get on with each other and have a nice time. Take time to reconnect with old pals now! Libra values harmony, intimacy and the aesthetics. There’s no better time to soak up life’s bountiful blessings, over accessorise like your life depends on it and charm the pants off from everyone.

THE OBJECTS OF RITUAL – FLOWERS roses, hydrangea & daffodil FOOD coriander, strawberry, fig, honey, almonds, mugwort &  thyme.

Scorpio Season

Scorpio season – 23rd Oct – Nov 21st
Fire sign 

Oh, its that’s intense time of the year…Scorpio season is here

There’s extra potency in the air…can you smell it? This season is deeply layered and powerful. Scorpio craves going deep with people but oversharing isn’t really the mood. This season is the kinkiest of them all, so get in tuned with the freakiness that lies within and get obsessed with some weird S**T.

THE OBJECTS OF RITUAL – FLOWERS thistles, cactus, FOOD red chilli, foods with strong spicy taste MINERALS bloodstone, tourmaline, jasper. Adorn alters with purple or black (dark) cloth.

Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius 22nd Nov – Dec 21st 
Fire sign 

Time to go get it: Sagittarius season is upon us 

This season is all about knowing what you want and being part of something bigger. It’s time for adventure and it will almost feel like anything is possible. Keep a happy-go-lucky attitude and this season will promise a higher perspective. Remember, do not be afraid to leave you comfort zone – look for places that fuel the internal fire.

THE OBJECTS OF RITUAL – FLOWERS daisy, peony, anthurium, flowers that feel abundant FOOD licorice, olives, nutmeg MINERALS emerald, marble, amethyst. Adorn alters with red or purple cloth.

Capricorn Season

Capricorn 22nd Dec – January 19th
Earth sign 

Capricorn season: time to level up 

Put one foot in front of the other and make tangible action plans for the year ahead. It’s the season of dedication, success and knowledge. In the midst of winter, conserve your own `light’ and move at a slow and steady pace. Just like those mountain goats, sometimes you’ve gotta appreciate the climb.

THE OBJECTS OF RITUAL FLOWERS black coloured flowers, marigold, poppy, willows FOOD parsnip, lentils, sour, bitter or sharp foods MINERALS lead, lapis, obsidian. Adorn alter with dark cloth.

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