RAP LEGEND ASA was the first artist to perform in BUD – and he sure did get us on fire! We wanted to hear how ASA has stayed inspired and on track during this quite exceptional first half of 2020, so here’s 9 quickies. Enjoy!

You were the first artist to ever perform in BUD. Thoughts on this?

I’ve always wanted to perform in the middle of flowers. Everything was so beautiful.

Corona impacted everyone’s life this spring. How did you cope with isolation and what are your feels about upcoming summer?

For a long time, I’ve been wondering if there’s going to be any considerable alternatives for the over-the-board capitalism in my lifetime. During this crisis, I felt strongly that the winds are changing in the society. I’m feeling hopeful right now.

Where is your inspiration coming from at the moment, regarding life, art and music?

My children, friends and flowers.

Give a few legit tips for young Asa who’s just about to start his artist career?

Keep your own head.

BUD´s values include bold playfulness, WTF vibe-ing and generally just doing good things with good people. How important are these in your own career?

Very. Spontaneous and creative vibes come through having fun and playing around. You don’t have to laugh about everything, but keeping it laid-back is important.

You have several artist personalities, why?

One person doesn’t fit into a one single box. The world changes every day, and I’m changing with it.

Politics or entertainment – which one is more important in your music and why?

Society-level bucket fits me the best.

Which current Finnish musician do you value and why?

Joose Keskitalo has great flow, originality and integrity.

Our family guy Timo wants to know how the hell do you combine family life and life of a rap star?

My kids are better at freestyle, so I’m not a rap star anymore.

Thanks Asa!
More live events and happenings are following soon – stay tuned!

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