Meet Janne Räisänen – the artist behind BUD AS JÄRVI exhibition

Janne Räisänen is one of Finland’s true artist gems, whose playful, expressionist art aka “bad painting” has inspired people around Finland and overseas. Intuitive, weird, intellectual, and spontaneous – Janne’s paintings and drawings fit in BUD like lil’ pretty cherries on top of something… odd. We had a chance to talk with the maestro himself, enjoy!

Hi Janne, how are you?

Just great! My Small Show at BUD lasts till the 5th of September and I’m super happy about BUD AS JÄRVI exhibition. Go check it out!

How did that exhibition name pop up?

I often combine exhibition scenes with humorous twists. I’m from Pudasjärvi so the name – BUD AS JÄRVI – came up naturally.

Where is your inspiration coming from regarding art and life in general?

Hmm, tricky one. I live in Berlin, but now I’ve spent 1,5 years here in Helsinki. Most of my inspiration comes from big cities and exciting places that give me energy.

Thinking back about younger Janne. Was there a particular moment in your career that brought you here?

Yes, it was the decision to move to Helsinki and start my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. And as soon as I graduated, I was named Young Artist of the Year. Without that, I probably wouldn’t be where I’m now – which is here.

Nice. Do you have any tips on how to get creativity flowing?

Work hard, stay active and maintain your routines – diligence generates creativity.

Art-clichés or preconceptions – are there any that you would like to change?

Some people think that artists are somehow decayed. Even though that’s an old-dated cliché, media still often presents artists in that way. Yeah, artists might be a bit strange and unique in their way, but I don’t like that kind of labeling.

Ten years younger Janne – where were you?

I had just moved to lively Berlin.

And where you’ll be in ten years?

Hopefully in Berlin, hah! Or who knows… Perhaps I’m in Rovaniemi. Berlin, Rovaniemi and Helsinki are my favorite places to be, in that order.

What would you say to younger yourself & yourself in the future?

I would advise myself to be more patient. And to future-Janne, I would say that stay alive.

What’s your fav’ flower?

Maybe an orchid. Its delicacy reminds me of the Japanese aesthetic.

Out of curiosity, what happens right after this interview?

I’m going to enjoy a cup of coffee! And after that, I’ll select my drawings and paintings for my next exhibition.

Thanks, Janne!

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